Army of the Dead

Book Eight of Forgotten Legacy

Series:Forgotten Legacy
Content Type:Novel
Creator:Richard S. Tuttle
Imprint:KBS Publishing
Pub. date:01/22/05
Coverage:Location: Khadora - Imaginary 
Time: Indeterminate
Age Group:All Ages

Fantasy, Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Adventure, Fakara, Fantasy, Fiction, Forgotten Legacy, Khadora, Magic, Military, Political, Sakova, Sword, Young Adult, Elf, Elves, Elvangar, Dragons

Massive armies are poised to invade the three main countries of the mainland. The Khadorans, Sakovans, and Fakarans are badly outnumbered as a thousand huge warships set sail from the Island of Darkness to exterminate all life on the mainland. Led by an ageless mage, the forces of evil appeared assured of success.

The Torak, the Star of Sakova, and the Astor rally their forces to meet the onslaught and preserve humanity, but can their outnumbered forces stave off the murderous rampage that is about to descend upon them?

Army of the Dead is the exciting conclusion to the epic fantasy series, Forgotten Legacy by Richard S. Tuttle.

This book is part of the Khadora Collection

Forgotten Legacy:

    Young Lord of Khadora
    Star of Sakova
    Web of Deceit
    Aakuta: the Dark Mage
    Island of Darkness
    Winged Warrior
    Army of the Dead


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