Star of Sakova

Book Two of the Forgotten Legacy

Series:Forgotten Legacy
Content Type:Novel
Creator:Richard S. Tuttle
Imprint:KBS Publishing
Pub. date:7/9/2001
Coverage:Location: Omunga - Imaginary
Time: Indeterminate
Age Group:All Ages

Fantasy, Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction, Forgotten Legacy, Khadora, Magic, Military, Omunga, Political, Sakova, Sword, Young Adult


Star of Sakova, the second volume of the Forgotten Legacy, features Lyra, the only daughter of Master Malafar, owner and master of the Omunga Academy of Magic.

A devastating and seemingly senseless attack on the Omunga Academy of Magic leaves Lyra running for her life. Her father, Master Malafar, was kidnapped and her mother was killed during the attack. Her mother’s cryptic dying words propel Lyra on a journey across the breadth of the country in search of her Uncle Temiker. The raiders of the Academy however have other plans for Lyra as they doggedly pursue her. Trying to stay one step ahead of the raiders, Lyra finds out that the Imperial government wants her head for the very slaughter she narrowly escaped.

With the raiders in pursuit and Imperial troops blocking the roads ahead, Lyra has no chance of survival unless she enters the dreaded Sakova, a land of nightmares. The Sakova, long known as a place of no return, is home to cannibals, ferocious beasts, and strange magic.

The fast pace of her flight leaves Lyra little time to solve the mysteries of the attack, but the questions of why anyone would kidnap her father, or slaughter dozens of innocents to accomplish it, linger as a gnawing distraction.

Discover a world of swords and magic, political intrigue and deceit, and cunning, ruthless people who seek to finish the annihilation of a society that began ages ago.


This book is part of the Khadora Collection

Forgotten Legacy:

    Young Lord of Khadora
    Star of Sakova
    Web of Deceit
    Aakuta: the Dark Mage
    Island of Darkness
    Winged Warrior
    Army of the Dead

Molly Martin

Molly's Reviews


Exciting read…….. 5 stars……….. highly recommended

The action never stops as the reader is carried along on a wild journey filled with everything we have come to expect from excellent writers of fantasy sci-fi.

Come observe an extraordinary land springing from the fertile mind of Writer Tuttle on the pages of the Star of Sakova.

The Star of Sakova
is an exciting work continuing the saga begun in Tuttle’s Young Lord of Khadora.

The Star of Sakova is a fast paced action packed work occupied with a rich tapestry of spectacle, timbre, conflict and duplicity. Tuttle is a fine young writer to be reckoned with in the genre.

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