Young Lord of Khadora

Book One of the Forgotten Legacy

Series:Forgotten Legacy series
Content Type:Novel
Creator:Richard S. Tuttle
Imprint:KBS Publishing
Pub. date:7/7/2001
Coverage:Location: Khadora - Imaginary
Time: Indeterminate
Age Group:All Ages

Fantasy, Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Adventure, Fantasy , Fiction , Forgotten Legacy, Khadora, Magic, Military, Political, Sword, Young Adult

Ages ago the continent was invaded by massive armies intent on creating a new home for themselves. The peaceful indigenous peoples fled before the marauding hordes and hid defiantly in the mountain peaks awaiting a signal from god. They learned the arts of magic and warfare as they hid from the intruders, who divided the land amongst themselves and set up a civilization where the many toil and slave for the elite few. 

The Forgotten Legacy series begins with Young Lord of Khadora as Marak, a young soldier in the service of one of the clans of Khadora is chosen as a sacrifice for the benefit of his lord. Marak is sent on a fool’s mission to defeat one of the small bands of indigenous people known as the Chula, a race of dreaded cat-people. 

Marak, however, is not your normal clan soldier. His mother is a mage slave to the clan lord and his father is unknown, presumed dead. What makes Marak different though, is his abhorrence for Khadoran culture, a society that feeds on the helpless and victimizes all but the most wealthy and powerful. Refusing to accept his given role in life, Marak sets out to change the very fabric of society. 

The young soldier has a brilliant military mind and warrior skills that so far have not been bested, but his real weapons are the resources that Khadoran society discards. In Khadora mages are typically slaves who tend the fields, often thought of as little more than farm implements. The average Khadoran soldier is taught to follow orders and not think. The workers on the clan estates are treated barely better than the slaves. 

Marak intends to use a secret weapon to not only accomplish the futile mission he is sent on, but to start a reform of the entire society. His weapon is compassion and it is an emotion that has long been dead in Khadora. 

It is a fine edge that Marak must walk to stay alive. While not knowing how a populace will react to his endeavors, Marak has little doubt what the reactions of the clan lords will be. Marak will have to defend himself against rival clan lords fearful of his efforts, the dreaded cat-people who hate all Khadorans, and even his own clan to whom he owes his very life and allegiance.

This book is part of the Khadora Collection

Forgotten Legacy:

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Patricia Spork

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Richard S. Tuttle expertly delivers a fast-paced fantasy tale in Book One of Forgotten Legacy. Young Lord of Khadora is filled with exceptional dialogue, exciting action, intriguing suspense, and clever and conniving characters that seem all too real. 

Tuttle definitely has a gift for fantasy writing. I look forward to reading the second book in this three-book series. I highly recommend Young Lord of Khadora as an ideal fantasy read.

Molly Martin

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"The Young Lord of Khadora is a must read for those who enjoy ‘other world’ and fantastical characters presented in a plausible manner by a skilful weaver of tales."

"The reader is drawn right into the turmoil by Tuttle’s clever use of language."

"The Young Lord of Khadora is filled with gritty scenes and gritty dialogue sure to keep the reader on the edge of the seat."

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D. HillI found Young Lord of Khadora (by Richard S. Tuttle) to be both thrilling and satisfying. The book is the tale of one young man’s struggle to survive and reform the inhumane practices and barbaric arrogance of his culture. The story is very well told; the only lulls in the fast-paced action are deliberate and intriguing. Tuttle keeps you guessing with his hero’s brilliant, but mysterious plans, and numerous twists in the storyline. Anyone who enjoys fantasy/adventure and good, strong heroes will love this book, and as a fan of Raymond E. Feist, I recommend it highly.
D. Hill

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