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Emerald of the Elves, Book 5 of Sword of Heavens - MP3 Download

Emerald of the Elves, Book 5 of Sword of Heavens - MP3 Download

Unabridged - Read by the author.

Although Queen Marta has secured the throne in Tagaret, the city is still not safe for Prince Arik. Remnants of the Council still seek to end the monarchy, and the city is riddled with agents of the Dark One. Even though it has long been expected, the march northward of the army of Lanoir sends shivers down the spines of everyone paying attention. As the forces of Abuud, Sarac, and Emperor Hanchi begin to converge on Tagaret, Prince Arik is forced to make a giant step towards his destiny to rule Alcea.

Sarac's Ravens continue to track the Alcea Rangers and battle with them becomes assured. The search for the Emerald of the Elves is complicated by an elven queen who does not wish the Ancient Prophecy to be completed, and a failure of the Sword of Heavens to locate the gem. The quest to fulfill the Ancient Prophecy becomes more dangerous than ever as the battles begin to take their toll on the Alcea Rangers.

Meanwhile, the Mage discovers the shocking truth about the Darkness, a truth so unthinkable that it makes the rule of Sarac almost desirable. Delve into an adventure that it rife with danger, magic, deceit, and betrayal.

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