The Demonstone Chronicles series by Richard S. Tuttle is an epic fantasy tale of might and magic, sword and sorcery, good and evil. Available in paperbook and ebook formats.


Richard S. Tuttle

For years the Darkness shrouded the world causing fields to wither and die. Forest growth halted and animal life grew scarce and lean. The bounty of the sea diminished to the point where fishermen had trouble feeding their families. To add to the misery of the peoples of the world, rogue armies took control of the lands as governments fell and perished. Banditry ran rampant and people kept to their homes in fear of their lives.

Out of this era of desperation and misery arose the son of a fisherman, a seemingly simple lad born in a small village on the coast of Sordoa, but the future of the world had been waiting for him. After seventeen years of being a fishermanís only son, Arik Clava was thrust into a world of danger and set on a perilous quest to destroy the Darkness. Accompanied by others his own age, and guided by a strange pair of gypsies, Arik would grow into the Warrior King, and his companions would become the Knights of Alcea.

Arik was given the Sword of Heavens, a magical artifact that would vanquish a portion of the Darkness with each gem restored to its hilt, but the gems did not come easy. The Knights of Alcea were constantly hunted by the minions of Sarac, an evil mage with vast powers, but each gem also brought new allies sworn to the boy king. Fairies, unicorns, dwarves, elves, and even dragons eventually swore allegiance to Arik, but Saracís forces were even greater in number. Huge armies of men, goblins, ogres, and yaki swarmed over the land to prevent the boy king from fulfilling the ancient prophecy. As the great armies of Sarac swept across the continent, the fragile land was further beaten down until food became a precious commodity.

In the end, King Arik and the Knights of Alcea won the day. All of the land was united under the banner of the Warrior King, and the evil Sarac and his minions were destroyed, but the cost was great. The land was barren and bloodstained. Fishermen had no boats, and farmers lacked implements to coax life into the soil. Tradesmen had no shops, and merchants had nothing to sell. It seemed as though the only profession with a steady stream of customers were the healers, and they had more than they could handle.

For three years the people of Alcea toiled to reclaim their lives, and many were well on the way to recovery, but others were not. While peace reigned over the land, and the skies were no longer tainted by the Darkness, many people were lured to a new religion. The Temples of Balmak began to appear, and the priests offered a vision of paradise that proved tempting to many. It didnít matter to those who sought refuge from misery that Balmak was an unknown god. What mattered to them was the thin sliver of hope for a better existence.

In Tagaret, the capital of Alcea, King Arik and Queen Tanya worked tirelessly to rebuild the kingdom. Prince Oscarís vast fortune was spent trying to help the provinces get back on their feet, but even he did not have enough gold to cure all of the ills of the devastated kingdom.

The Knights of Alcea did not disband, but neither did they still exist as a group. Each Knight went his own way, trying to rebuild his life after years of continuous battle. Wylan and Sheri moved to Southland, the boyhood home of Wylan. Tedi and Natia spent all their time with the gypsies, and Alexander and Jenneva retired to Atarís Cove. Prince Garong returned to the elves of Elderal, and Prince Darok settled back into the dwarven caves of Lanto. Bin-lu returned home to Lanoir. Only Fredrik and Niki remained in Tagaret with the king and queen. Fredrik was appointed the Royal Sorcerer, and his wife, Niki, became his assistant.

Little did anyone know that storm clouds were massing on the horizon, and that the hard years of rebuilding Alcea were about to look like a short interlude of peace between great wars.

The Demonstone Chronicles is a continuing work. The estimated length of the series is 6 volumes.

Knights of Alcea, book 1 of the Demonstone Chronicles series, by Richard S. Tuttle, an epic fantasy tale of might and magic, sword and sorcery, good and evil. Available in paperbook and ebook formats. Click here for more information on this epic fantasy novel.
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They do not wear shining armor, nor do they carry colorful banners. Their names are unknown to the average citizen, but their commands carry weight over all but the king. They are the world's masters in warfare and magic. They are the Knights of Alcea.

 The days of warfare and Darkness were supposedly over, and the Knights of Alcea had scattered across the huge nation, returning to their private lives, their services no longer required. Unknown to them, a storm is rising over the horizon. When seemingly senseless acts of violence erupt across the breadth of Alcea, the Knights of Alcea are drawn back into action, but their enemies are shrouded in secrecy as they move forward with a diabolical plan designed to crush Alcea forever.

Compelled to journey to an unknown land and spy on mysterious enemies, Alexander Tork assembles a small but deadly force for a voyage that may well be his last. Five Knights of Alcea, three Rangers, and three elves from Glendor set sail on a stolen enemy ship through uncharted waters to the homeland of the followers of Balmak. Guided only by a crude coastline chart found on the stolen ship, the Alceans find a vast continent that is preparing for global war.

Journey to Zara with the Knights of Alcea as they discover strange new magics and encounter an empire that seeks to plunge the world into misery and despair.

The Remora has sunk, and there is no way for the Alceans to return home before war breaks out. Stranded in the land of their enemy, seventeen Alceans set out to bring a quarter of a million enemy soldiers to their knees. 

Alexander Tork poses as Garth Shado, a special agent for a wealthy Tyronian merchant. To plot the destruction of his enemy, he makes alliances with all of the enemies of the Federation, but the real task will be in pulling the coalition together and coordinating the diverse forces under his command. 

Time is short and many of his new allies balk at Garth's efforts to create a Council of War. The fate of Alcea rests with the ability of the small group of Alceans to inflict damage on the Federation and obtain information on the attack plans of the enemy. Only a Council of War can ease the flow of soldiers set to attack Alcea.


Knights of Alcea, book 1 of the Demonstone Chronicles series, by Richard S. Tuttle, an epic fantasy tale of might and magic, sword and sorcery, good and evil. Available in paperbook and ebook formats. Click here for more information on this epic fantasy novel.
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As two continents prepare for a world-wide war, a small group of Alceans plot to free the Dielderal elves from the grip of the Federation. The goal is to make the elves simply disappear, but over a thousand elven children are held captive in the four major cities of the Federation, and the Dielderal elves will not flee while their children are endangered. 


Complicating matters are the 'births' of a new breed of demonkin, the Claws of Alutar. While the K'san demonkin are charged with crushing Alcea, the Claws of Alutar are singular in purpose. Their goal is to assassinate the heroes of the Mage, and their victory would spell far more than defeat for Alcea, as the world would crumble into a decaying ball of misery


Scrambling to prepare for the imminent invasion of their homeland, the Knights of Alcea respond in unorthodox ways. On the home front, the Alceans set out to design devious traps that will lessen the incredible odds facing them. In Zara, Knights of Alcea and Alcean Rangers set their sights on the heirs to the Federation thrones. On both continents, a campaign of disinformation is begun with the Alcean spymaster personally throwing himself into the very heart of the enemyís camp.

But neither are Alutar's minions standing idle. The Claws of Alutar strike deep into the heart of Alcea, bringing death inside the walls of Tagaret, and the Great Demon's forces gain a decisive victory by finding something that was never supposed to be found.

The world is rushing to war at a dizzying pace, and there is no way to stop it. Or is there?

.Massive Federation armies invade Alcea through magical portals seeking to devastate the entire continent. Outnumbered four to one, the Alceans grimly prepare for the bloody conflict, but victory on the battlefield is not good enough for young King Arik. Knowing that the Great Demon has initiated the war between the two countries solely to provide a million tears to fulfill an ancient prophecy, King Arik demands that the Knights of Alcea spare as many of the enemy soldiers as they can. While defeat on the battlefield means death for the Alceans, a victory that allows the Great Demon to fulfill the ancient prophecy will mean eternal servitude to Alutar.

Book 7 of Demonstone Chronicles

Using the enemy's own portals, King Arik sends the elite forces of Alcea to Zara to crush the Federation. Woefully outnumbered, the Alceans join forces with the indigenous rebels to battle the massive armies of Emperor Jaar while the Knights of Alcea scheme from within the enemy's leadership to foil the Federation's ability to respond.

While the world focuses on the battle between King Arik and the Federation, Fakir Aziz gathers the most powerful mages in Zara to carry his own battle directly to Alutar, the Great Demon. Should the Mage fail, all is lost.

Alutar: the Great Demon is the seventh and final volume of the Demonstone Chronicles.



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